How long does the contract last and am I bound for a long period?

The contract lasts for 22 - 30 working days initially - if you are happy with how the process is working we will be in contact with you and you can follow up with a new order to keep the momentum going. Many brokers do this and re-order regularly each month.

Can I choose the areas I would like to work in?

Areas are for your choice, so choose geographic areas where your current client book basically lies.

What type of people am I going to be seeing, can I choose?

Yes, you can choose the type of persons, age and so on that you feel is in line with your current client book, however try not to be restrictive on these points as you will cut down on available options, thus throwing away opportunities.

Who controls my diary?

We have a diary set up on our side for your use, but we do however require that you give us the days available that you would like us to set appointments for you. It's a simple process and you can keep us up to date with any changes to your diary where you may not be available.

What if a person declines or I experience problems in getting to the appointment through constant delays?

Try to give the prospective appointee some latitude and recontact him/her some days later if there are issues. If negative, refer back to us and we will follow up for you replacing where necessary.

Can you use a current brokers listing provided by a particular broker?

Yes, this can be done and has been conducted by us in the past. We will use the list for the exclusive and strict use of the broker who provided it. Prices as per our contract will however remain the same as we cannot gaurantee the success ratio's of any given list, with regards to appointments made and whether info provided is up to date or not. Information and/or lists of contacts provided by the broker remains eclusively and strictly for the brokers use.

What sort of track record do you have in the industry?

We have been outsourcing leads for the long-term risk broker for 28 yrs and can refer broker clients who have been using us for as little as 12 months to 12 years. They are exclusively large senior independents who are well established and are more than willing to provide testimonials.

Do you cover every area in RSA?

Yes, we do. We can set appointments within any given geographical SA area or province as long as we are able to.

Does there have to be other brokers operating in my areas of preference and will this impact on my requirements?

There may be other brokers operating in your areas but this is not a problem and should not be seen as a restriction as regards to availability of prospects nor a saturation issue with available prospects - our greater areas of operation are Gauteng and Cape Town, and lesser areas cover Eastern and Western Cape, Free State, Mpumalanga, North-West and, Northern Province.