What do we offer?

Our bottom line being, a non-emotional approach

DP Marketing offers you a simple prospecting appointment setting system with which an opportunity can be created to build your business portfolio.

This means essentially a “foot in the door” with individuals within the private sector who are quality prospects and not random selections.

What we say to the Client

This is a guideline which we send to many brokers when starting out with us, which will help them in the communication process between themselves and the cold call prospect, so please kindly pass on these points to your brokers and/or for your personal use.
Communication between the broker and prospect can be very challenging and is the single most crucial factor with regards to getting the success from these appointments. Please do not ignore or overlook these points as they are crucial to gaining success with the cold call prospect, and they should be used to make the process easier. Firstly do not, where possible allocate the contacting task to a secretary or other admin person as they are not generally versed in the process of prospecting the broker – this should be the brokers C/R/AFP’s function as the prospect would prefer to communicate with the broker.
A typical approach would be:

“Hi Fred/Estelle, (some small talk focusing on taking interest in the prospects personal life and so on) I just want to introduce myself and confirm the appointment we have with each other for (date & time, address)”.

Try to keep the matter simple and informed. Use DP Marketing as a point of reference if there is recollection problems etc. Wherever possible, create a relationship by showing interest in the person being visited and not that the meeting is to close a sale.

Important points to remember:

  • Look at what we tell the prospect during the course of setting up the appointment and build your introduction around this.
  • Try to avoid talking directly about insurance and products over the phone, this is tantamount to selling over the phone anyway.
  • It is paramount to build the relationship with the cold call prospect first so the intention is to create a positive relationship where the prospect can then become a new client, in other words – create value.
  • Please be mindful that they are cold call prospects via our canvassing system and not leads where their needs have been discussed with regards to shortcomings within their portfolios and specific needs generally etc. We are restricted by the FSB in giving advise to prospective appointments over the phone or asking for personal portfolio information as we are not registered with the FSB as an authorized FS provider.

If there are any queries with regards to the above, please do not hesitate in contacting us:

Di Heath (Director)
Cell: 082 567 3842

Rob Heath (Director)
Cell: 082 891 3384

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.